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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 Q. What will I need to bring?

A. You will need: Hand-wraps, Gloves, Jump-rope. (Note: Items are provided to all new members after membership registration.)

Q. What do I wear?

A. Regular workout attire.

Q. How can I become a member?

A. Fill out and print a Waiver of Liability by clicking here,  then bring it in! We are located at 808 Donahue Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401


RINGTIME’s fitness program conditions your body, builds stamina, relieves stress, and teaches self-defense. The workouts are empowering and build cardio endurance and muscle tone. Because boxing/kickboxing is a great combination of aerobic exercise, the workouts can offer a lot of benefits to athletes of other sports. Developing more coordination in diverse ways can improve your performance in your primary sport and greatly benefit any athlete.



What to Expect

Expect a fun and exciting workout that has been known to relieve stress while getting you fit!


Membership Info 

As a member you will get the benefits of unlimited energetic classes that are lead by experienced instructors.

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Membership prices starting at just $79 monthly for unlimited access. Click here to view the full pricing schedule.